In logistic delivery chains time windows are common. An arrival has to be in a certain time interval, at the expense of waiting time or penalties if the time limits are exceeded. This paper looks at the optimal placement of those time intervals in a specific case of a barge visiting two ports in sequence. For the second port a possible delay or penalty should be incorporated. Next, recognising these penalty structures in data is analysed to if see certain patterns in public travel data indicate that a certain dependency exists.

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Computational Logistics: 8th International Conference
Networks and Optimization

Phillipson, F., Ortega del Vecchyo, M., van Ginkel, B., Huizing, D., & Sangers, A. (2017). Optimising and recognising 2-stage delivery chains with time windows. In Computational Logistics: 8th International Conference (pp. 366–380). doi:10.1007/978-3-319-68496-3_25