In advanced tomographic experiments, large detector sizes and large numbers of acquired datasets can make it dif- ficult to process the data in a reasonable time. At the same time, the acquired projections are often limited in some way, for example having a low number of projections or a low signal-to-noise ratio. Direct analytical reconstruction methods are able to produce reconstructions in very little time, even for large-scale data, but the quality of these reconstructions can be insufficient for further analysis in cases with limited data. Iterative reconstruction methods typically produce more accurate reconstructions, but take significantly more time to compute, which limits their usefulness in practice. In this paper, we present the application of the SIRT-FBP method to large-scale real-world tomographic data. The SIRT-FBP method is able to accurately approximate the simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique (SIRT) method by the computationally efficient filtered backprojection (FBP) method, using precomputed experiment-specific filters. We specifically focus on the many implementation details that are important for applica- tion on large-scale real-world data, and give solutions to common problems that occur with experimental data. We show that SIRT-FBP filters can be computed in reasonable time, even for large problem sizes, and that precomputed filters can be reused for future experiments. Reconstruction results are given for three different experiments, and are compared with results of popular existing methods. The results show that the SIRT-FBP method is able to accurately approximate iterative reconstructions of experimental data. Furthermore, they show that, in practice, the SIRT-FBP method can produce more accurate reconstructions than standard direct analytical reconstructions with popular filters, without increasing the required computation time.

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Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging
Computational Imaging

Pelt, D., & De Andrade, V. (2017). Improved tomographic reconstruction of large-scale real-world data by filter optimization. Advanced Structural and Chemical Imaging, 2, 17:1–17:14. doi:10.1186/s40679-016-0033-y