User generated benchmark derived from the DBTest'18 paper [1] by Tableau. It contains real data and queries from 46 public workbooks in Tableau Public [2].

We downloaded 46 of the biggest workbooks and converted the data to .csv files and collected the SQL queries that appear in the Tableau log when the workbooks are visualized. We processed the .csv files and queries with the purpose of making them load and run on different database systems.

This repository contains samples and schema of each .csv file, the queries and a set of scripts for working with the benchmark. The full .csv files are available in compressed bzip2 format at:

[1] Vogelsgesang, Adrian, et al. "Get real: How benchmarks fail to represent the real world." Proceedings of the Workshop on Testing Database Systems. ACM, 2018


Ghita, B. (2018). Public_bi_benchmark.

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