Relaxed multi-levelset segmentation package, with tomographically consistent refinement.

This package provides the following functionalities:
- Linear relaxation of multi-levelset based segmentation
- Total Variation (TV) and Laplacian (smoothness) based denoising
- Estimation of the segmentation gray values
- Refinement of the segmentation, based on the local reconstructed residual error (RRE)

Further information:

H. Der Sarkissian, N. Viganò, and K. J. Batenburg, “A Data Consistent Variational Segmentation Approach Suitable for Real-time Tomography,” Fundam. Informaticae, vol. 163, pp. 1–20, 2018.
Free software: MIT License

Viganò, N.R. (2020). PyRMLSeg.