In this project, we address the problem to determine human emotion states automatically using modern day smartphones. Sensor-rich smartphones have opened up the opportunity to unobtrusively collect user behaviour patterns, activity details and infer information about emotion states. Determining human emotion accurately and efficiently to build a scalable system is the major objective of the project. Towards that goal, we plan to develop an emotion detection model leveraging on different information sources present on smartphone. Emotion awareness is finding its applicability in various applications in digital marketing, healthcare, advertising, personalized learning, and in designing novel user interfaces. We discuss two specific scenarios Quantified self and Affective learning, where this can be useful.

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Conference 2017 9th International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks
Ghosh, S. (2017). Emotion-aware computing using smartphone. In International Conference on Communication Systems and Networks (pp. 592–593). doi:10.1109/COMSNETS.2017.7945464