In this paper we combine many of the standard and more recent algebraic techniques for testing isomorphism of finite groups (GpI) with combinatorial techniques that have typically been applied to Graph Isomorphism. In particular, we show how to combine several state-of-the-art GpI algorithms for specific group classes into an algorithm for general GpI, namely: composition series isomorphism (Rosenbaum-Wagner, Theoret. Comp. Sci., 2015; Luks, 2015), recursively-refineable filters (Wilson, J. Group Theory, 2013), and low-genus GpI (Brooksbank-Maglione-Wilson, J. Algebra, 2017). Recursively-refineable filters -- a generalization of subgroup series -- form the skeleton of this framework, and we refine our filter by building a hypergraph encoding low-genus quotients, to which we then apply a hypergraph variant of the k-dimensional Weisfeiler-Leman technique. Our technique is flexible enough to readily incorporate additional hypergraph invariants or additional characteristic subgroups.