We present a research proposal that investigates the use of 3D representations in Augmented Reality (AR) to allow neuroscientists to explore literature they wish to understand for their own scientific purposes. Neuroscientists need to identify potential real-life experiments they wish to perform that provide the most information for their field with the minimum use of limited resources. This requires understanding both the already known relationships among concepts and those that have not yet been discovered. Our assumption is that by providing overviews of the correlations among concepts through the use of linked data, these will allow neuroscientists to better understand the gaps in their own literature and more quickly identify the most suitable experiments to carry out. We will identify candidate visualizations and improve upon these for a specific information need. We describe our planned prototype 3D AR implementation and directions we intend to explore.

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IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality
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Tanhaei, G., Hardman, L., & Huerst, W. (2019). DatAR: Your brain, your data, on your desk - A research proposal. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (pp. 138–143). doi:10.1109/AIVR46125.2019.00029