In this paper, we describe a user study in which pairs of users watch a video trailer and interact with each other, using two social Virtual Reality (sVR) systems, as well as in a face-to-face condition. The sVR systems are: Facebook Spaces, based on puppet-like customized avatars, and a video-based sVR system using photo-realistic virtual user representations. We collect subjective and objective data to analyze users’ Quality of Experience (QoE) and compare their interaction in VR to that observed during the real-life scenario. Our results show that the experience delivered by the video-based sVR system is comparable with real-life settings, while the puppet-based avatars limit the perceived quality of the interaction. Our protocol for QoE assessment is fully documented to allow replication in similar experiments.
IEEE Virtual Reality
Distributed and Interactive Systems

De Simone, F., Li, J., Galvan Debarba, H., El Ali, A., Gunkel, S., & César Garcia, P. S. (2019). Watching videos together in social Virtual Reality: An experimental study on user’s QoE. In Proceedings of 2019 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR) Proceedings (pp. 890–891). doi:10.1109/VR.2019.8798264