In recent years, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications have seen a drastic increase in commercial popularity. Different representations have been used to create 3D reconstructions for AR and VR. Point clouds are one such representation that are characterized by their simplicity and versatility, making them suitable for real time applications. However, point clouds are unorganized and identifying redundancies to use for compressing them is challenging. For the compression of time varying or dynamic sequences it is critical to identify temporal redundancies that can be used to describe predictors and further compress streams of point clouds. We use a point cloud codec that encodes additional information in an enhancement layer. We propose adding inter prediction to the enhancement layer in order to gain further bit rate savings.

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2018 IEEE Games, Entertainment, Media Conference, GEM 2018

Subramanyam, S. (Shishir), & César Garcia, P. S. (2018). Enhancement layer inter frame coding for 3D dynamic point clouds. In 2018 IEEE Games, Entertainment, Media Conference, GEM 2018 (pp. 332–337). doi:10.1109/GEM.2018.8516534