If the transput section of an ALGOL-68 compiler is to be portable, it must be described in such a way that it is clear which aspects are machine-dependent, and which are not. There should be a clear set of primitives underlying the transput. In this report, a description is proposed which can really be used as an implementation model: the transput is described in pseudo-ALGOL 68, except for the underlying primitives, whose semantics are given in some kind of formalized English. The state of this model is by no means definitive, but may serve as a start for further discussion.

Strathclyde ALGOL 68 Conference
Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Amsterdam (CWI), The Netherlands

Van Vliet, J.C. (J. C.). (1977). Towards a machine-independent transput section. In Proceedings of the Strathclyde ALGOL 68 Conference 1977 (pp. 71–77). doi:10.1145/800238.807145