Developments in acquisition technology and a growing need for time-resolved experiments pose great computational challenges in tomography. In addition, access to reconstructions in real time is a highly demanded feature but has so far been out of reach. We show that by exploiting the mathematical properties of filtered backprojection-type methods, having access to real-time reconstructions of arbitrarily oriented slices becomes feasible. Furthermore, we present RECAST3D, software for visualization and on-demand reconstruction of slices. A user of RECAST3D can interactively shift and rotate slices in a GUI, while the software updates the slice in real time. For certain use cases, the possibility to study arbitrarily oriented slices in real time directly from the measured data provides sufficient visual and quantitative insight. Two such applications are discussed in this article.

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Measurement Science and Technology
Real-Time 3D Tomography
Computational Imaging

Buurlage, J.-W., Kohr, H., Palenstijn, W. J., & Batenburg, J. (2018). Real-time quasi-3D tomographic reconstruction. Measurement Science and Technology, 29(6). doi:10.1088/1361-6501/aab754