Sharing multimedia via messaging apps is widely used. However, the timeline structure makes it difficult to retrieve content shared over time. It is not possible to organize accumulated knowledge so that it is concise for future use and easy access. So far, no system exists that combines the easy-to-use interface of a messaging app with a knowledge extraction system that can create multimedia documents and allows users to store and edit content for future use. In this paper, we propose a system that will enable individuals to collect, store, and automatically extract procedural knowledge from their messaging interactions. The system uses the well-known chat interface to communicate and adds the capability for users to tag text and media to organize content. It also adds a new thread-like structure to the previously only linear timeline of a chat. Knowledge from the chat can then be extracted into a high-quality multimedia document.

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International Workshop on Educational and Knowledge Technologies
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Meixner, B., Lee, M., & Carter, S. (2017). Chat2Doc: From chats to How-to Instructions, FAQ, and reports. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on Educational and Knowledge Technologies (MultiEdTech 2017) (pp. 27–30). doi:10.1145/3132390.3132392