Videos are an important part of social platforms. With growing data speeds and high resolution cameras on mobile devices and smartphones, mobile instant and live video clip sharing become increasingly popular. However, video uploads are resource consuming which leads to long upload times, especially in environments with poor data connections. In current mobile applications, the user has little to no influence on optimizing the upload of her/his video according to the current (network) context. In this work, we propose a mobile application that shows an accurate upload time estimation and a current network speed indication. The user can select a video quality for uploading and by that possibly reach faster uploads in low bandwidth connection areas. In a user study with 21 users, we show that users perceive the upload speed as higher with given upload estimation and network speed indication when they have less bandwidth available. With this information, participants perceive the application as more reliable and have an increased feeling of control over the upload process. All users liked the proposed video quality customization feature. Compared to a graphical representation of the network speed, the upload time was the more helpful information to customize the upload.

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Thematic Workshops of ACM Multimedia 2017
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Kleinrouweler, J. W., Bajo, F., Meixner, B., Cabrero Barros, S., & César Garcia, P. S. (2017). Mobile instant video sharing: Does more information help?. In Thematic Workshops 2017 - Proceedings of the Thematic Workshops of ACM Multimedia 2017, co-located with MM 2017 (pp. 153–160). doi:10.1145/3126686.3126709