Hypervideos and interactive multimedia presentations allow the creation of fully interactive and enriched video. It is possible to organize video scenes in a nonlinear way. Additional information can be added to the video ranging from short descriptions to images and more videos. Hypervideos are video-based but also provide navigation between video scenes and additional multimedia elements. Interactive multimedia presentations consist of different media with a temporal and spatial synchronization that can be navigated via hyperlinks. Their creation and description requires description formats,multimediamodels, and standards- as well as players. Specialized authoring tools with advanced editing functions allow authors to manage all media files, link and arrange them to an overall presentation, and keep an overview during the whole process. They considerably simplify the creation process compared to writing and editing description documents in simple text editors. Data formats need features that describe interactivity and nonlinear navigation while maintaining temporal and spatial synchronization. Players should be easy to use with extended feature sets keeping elements synchronized. In this article, we analyzed more than 400 papers for relevant work in this field. From the findings we discovered a set of trends and unsolved problems, and propose directions for future research.