Amalgame, short for AMsterdam ALignment GenerAtion MEtatool, is a Semantic Web tool for finding, evaluating and managing vocabulary alignments, i.e. relating corresponding concepts in different vocabularies. The platform differentiates itself from other alignment tools in its modular approach (allowing for the exploitation of vocabulary-specific knowledge) and speed (being optimized for relatively large and simply structured (SKOS) vocabularies).

Even though the Amalgame package is a research prototype, special attention has been devoted to the software's user interface and robustness, so its usability for external experts to interactively build alignment strategies could be verified.

The Amalgame software has been developed by CWI's Information Access group in cooperation with VU University Amsterdam as part of the EuropeanaConnect and PrestoPrime cultural heritage projects.

The software has been re-implemented by CWI-spin-off Spinque, and is available as a web application hosted by Beeld & Geluid.