VideoLat is a toolset to measure the delays of audio-visual pipelines, such as teleconferencing systems. It can be used to assess glass-to-glass video delays and speaker-to-microphone audio delays, both important factors for the quality and experience of computer-mediated communication.

VideoLat has been developed by the Distributed and Interactive Systems (DIS) group and can be deployed as is by researchers, engineers, and operators of A/V equipment to measure roundtrip delays of black box systems. If VideoLat is installed at both ends, one-way measurements can be made as well. Since the software is available as open source, it can be adjusted for other applications, e.g. camera switching delays, or be incorporated into existing A/V applications.

The VideoLat software is available for iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computers through Apple's App Store.

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Rights GNU-GPLv3
Note If you use videoLat measurements in a scientific paper (in a significant way) a reference to one of the videoLat papers would be appreciated.
Jansen, A.J. (2011). VideoLat.