PumpKin: Analyzing complex chemistry models. PumpKin, short for Pathway Reduction Method for Plasma Kinetic Models, is a tool for post-processing results from zero-dimensional plasma kinetics solvers. It aims to analyze the production and/or destruction mechanisms of a certain species of interest, and reduce the chemistry models of a complex plasma. Pumpkin itself, however, is a general tool that can be used to analyze any complex chemistry system. The user is required to solve the full chemical reaction system only once. The output of the solver is then used by PumpKin to analyze the chemical reaction system and automatically determine all significant pathways, i.e. all pathways with a rate above a user-specified threshold. PumpKin is used by several scientific research groups around the world, and at least two giant tech companies. The software has been developed by the Multiscale Dynamics (MD) group and has enabled many technological advancements in areas like climate modeling, renewable energy sources, and plasma science.