High-throughput CRISPR screens have shown great promise in functional genomics. We present MAGeCK-VISPR, a comprehensive quality control (QC), analysis, and visualization workflow for CRISPR screens. MAGeCK-VISPR defines a set of QC measures to assess the quality of an experiment, and includes a maximum-likelihood algorithm to call essential genes simultaneously under multiple conditions. The algorithm uses a generalized linear model to deconvolute different effects, and employs expectation-maximization to iteratively estimate sgRNA knockout efficiency and gene essentiality. MAGeCK-VISPR also includes VISPR, a framework for the interactive visualization and exploration of QC and analysis results.

Genome Biology

Li, W. (Wei), Köster, J., Xu, H. (Han), Chen, C.-H. (Chen-Hao), Xiao, T. (Tengfei), Liu, J.S. (Jun), … Liu, X.S. (Shirley). (2015). Quality control, modeling, and visualization of CRISPR screens with MAGeCK-VISPR. Genome Biology, 16(1), 281:1–281:13. doi:10.1186/s13059-015-0843-6