Software is fundamental to academic research work, both as part of the method and as the result of research. In June 2016 25 people gathered at Schloss Dagstuhl for a week-long Perspectives Workshop and began to develop a manifesto which places emphasis on the scholarly value of academic software and on personal responsibility. Twenty pledges cover the recognition of academic software, the academic software process and the intellectual content of academic software. This is still work in progress. Through this lightning talk, we aim to get feedback and hone these further, as well as to inspire the WSSSPE audience to think about actions they can take themselves rather than actions they want others to take. We aim to publish a more fully developed Dagstuhl Manifesto by December 2016. © 2016, CEUR-WS. All rights reserved.

Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experiences
University of Maryland

Allen, A., Aragon, C., Becker, C., Carver, J. C., Chris, A., Combemale, B., … Vinju, J. (2016). Lightning talk: "I solemnly pledge" A manifesto for personal responsibility in the engineering of academic software. In Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Sustainable Software for Science: Practice and Experiences, WSSSPE4.