We address the problem of scheduling n identical jobs on m uniform parallel machines to optimize scheduling criteria that are nondecreasing in the job completion times. It is well known that this can be formulated as a linear assignment problem, and subsequently solved in O(n3) time. We give a more concise formulation for minsum criteria, and show that general minmax criteria can be minimized in O(n2) time. We present faster algorithms, requiring only O(n+mlog m) time for minimizing makespan and total completion time, O(nlogn) time for minimizing total weighted completion time, maximum lateness, total tardiness and the weighted number of tardy jobs, and O(nlog2n) time for maximum weighted tardiness. In the case of release dates, we propose an O(nlogn) algorithm for minimizing makespan, and an O(mn2m+1) time dynamic programming algorithm for minimizing total completion time. Copyright

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Statistica Neerlandica

Dessouky, M. I., Lageweg, B. J., Lenstra, J. K., & van de Velde, S. L. (1990). Scheduling identical jobs on uniform parallel machines. Statistica Neerlandica, 44(3), 115–123. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9574.1990.tb01276.x