We present the user interface to the CMIF authoring environment for constructing and playing multimedia presentations. Within the environment an author constructs a presentation in terms of its structure and additional synchronization constraints, from which the actual timing information is derived. The CMIF authoring environment presents three main views of a multimedia presentation: a hierarchy view for manipulating and viewing a presentation’s hierarchical structure; a channel view for managing logical resources and specifying and viewing precise timing constraints; and a player for playing the presentation.

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Keywords multimedia authoring, hypermedia authoring, composition, synchronization
Publisher A.C.M.
Conference InterCHI
Note visual presentation
Hardman, L, van Rossum, G, & Bulterman, D.C.A. (1993). Authoring multimedia in the CMIF environment. In Adjunct Proceedings of InterCHI 1993 (pp. 101–102). A.C.M.