Viewing the way society has defined its rules and mechanisms as “social software”, we want to understand how people behave given their understanding of the societal rules and given their wish to further their interest as they conceive it, and how social mechanisms should be designed to suit people furthering their interest as they conceive it. This chapter is written from the perspective of strategic game theory, and uses strategic game scenarios and game transformations to analyze societal mechanisms.
J. F. A. K. van Benthem (Johan) , S. Ghosh (Surjya) , R. Verbrugge (Rineke)
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Software Analysis and Transformation

van Eijck, J. (2015). Strategies in Social Software. In J. van Benthem, S. Ghosh, & R. Verbrugge (Eds.), Modeling Strategic Reasoning: Logics, Games and Communities (pp. 292–317). Springer.