The goal of the DSLDI workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in sharing ideas on how DSLs should be designed, implemented, supported by tools, and applied in realistic application contexts. We are both interested in discovering how already known domains such as graph processing or machine learning can be best supported by DSLs, but also in exploring new domains that could be targeted by DSLs. More generally, we are interested in building a community that can drive forward the development of modern DSLs. These informal post-proceedings contain the submitted talk abstracts to the 3rd DSLDI workshop (DSLDI'15), and a summary of the panel discussion on Language Composition.
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T. van der Storm (Tijs) , S. Erdweg (Sebastian)
Domain-specific Language Design and Implementation
Software Analysis and Transformation

van der Storm, T., & Erdweg, S. (Eds.). (2015). Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Domain-Specific Language Design and Implementation (DSLDI'15). In T. van der Storm & S. Erdweg (Eds.), .