A 2D cylindrically symmetric model is developed to study the streamer-less spark formation in a short gap on the timescale of ion motion. It incorporates the coupling between the electric discharge (described by reaction-drift-diffusion model on the timescale of ion motion and Poisson's equation) and the gas (described by Euler equations) through the heat generated by the discharge. The model is employed to study electrical breakdown in supercritical N2. We present the simulation results of gas heating by the electrical discharge and the effect of gas expansion on the electrical discharge.
Modeling DC Circuit-Breakers for Long-Distance Electricity Transmission
Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference
Multiscale Dynamics

Agnihotri, A., Hundsdorfer, W., & Ebert, U. (2015). Coupling discharge and gas dynamics in streamer-less spark formation on the example of supercritical N2. In Proceedings of Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference 2015 (GEC 68) (pp. 1–2).