Shared media experiences between geographically distributed users are gaining momentum. Relevant examples are Social TV, synchronous e-learning and multi-player online games. This paper presents a first release of Wersync, an adaptive web-based platform that provides distributed media synchronization and social interaction (via shared navigation control commands and text chat channels) across remote users. By using Wersync, users can create or join on-going sessions for concurrently consuming the same media content with other remote users in a synchronized manner. Additionally, Wersync provides two social presence mechanisms to encourage the participation of external users in on-going sessions and two privacy mechanisms. Wersync has been developed by exclusively relying on standard web-based technologies, which ensures cross-network, cross-platform and cross-device support. The evaluation results and a link to a demo video prove the satisfactory performance of Wersync, and its functionalities, respectively.
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Congreso de TV Digital Interactiva
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Montagud Climent, M., Boronat, F., Belda, J., & Pastor, J. (2015). Plataforma Web 2.0 para la Sincronización Distribuida de Contenidos Multimedia e Interacción Social. In Proceedings of VI Congreso de TV Digital Interactiva 0000 (TVDI 0).