This paper presents a web-based platform that enables the customization and synchronization of subtitles when using both a shared main screen and multiple secondary screens. This platform enables the dynamic adaptation of the subtitles’ format (font family, size, color...) and positioning in order to maximize the users’ perceived Quality of Experience or QoE (e.g., according to their preferences and/or needs). Likewise, the users can dynamically select the subtitles’ language, apply a customized delay offset to the subtitles and adjust the number of lines to be displayed. Moreover, by using a secondary device, each user can also consume the subtitles in a customizable manner, by additionally enabling their presentation in two different languages and by navigating between them, being able to restore the video playback position by clicking on a specific subtitle line. With the provided functionalities, our platform enables personalized and immersive media experiences, and can contribute to a better language learning and social integration of audience with audiovisual impairments and non-natives, in both domestic and crowded multi-culture environments (e.g., public transportations systems, touristic places…).
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Congreso de TV Digital Interactiva
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Parcheta, Z., Montagud Climent, M., Belda, J., & Boronat, F. (2015). Personalización y Sincronización de Subtítulos en Escenarios Multi-Pantalla. In Proceedings of VI Congreso de TV Digital Interactiva 2015 (TVDI).