In this paper, we introduce a formal model of the availability, budget compliance and sustainability of istributed services, where service sustainability is a new concept which arises as the composition of service availability and budget compliance. The model formalizes a distributed platform for monitoring the above service characteristics in terms of a parallel composition of task automata, where dynamically generated tasks model asynchronous events with deadlines. The main result of this paper is a formal model to optimize and reason about service characteristics through monitoring. In particular, we use schedulability analysis of the underlying timed automata to optimize and guarantee service sustainability.
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S. Dustdar , F. Leymann , M. Villari
Engineering Virtualized Services
European Conference on Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing
Computer Security

Nobakht, B., de Gouw, S., & de Boer, F. (2015). Formal Verification of Service Level Agreements Through Distributed Monitoring. In S. Dustdar, F. Leymann, & M. Villari (Eds.), .