This paper reports on an experimental production of The Tempest that was developed in collaboration with Miracle Theatre Company realised as a distributed performance from two separate stages through a dynamically configured telepresence system. The production allowed an exploration of the way a range of technologies, including consumer grade broadband, cameras and projection technologies could affect the development and delivery of live theatre by regional touring company. The architecture of the communication platform used to deliver the performance is introduced as are two novel software tools that are used to describe and control the way the play should be captured and represented. The experimental production was thoroughly evaluated and the feedback from audience and theatre professionals is presented in some detail. A considered observation of the process and the way it differs from film, TV and theatre suggest that distributed theatre can be treated as a new genre of storytelling.
Video Communications for Networked Communities
ACM International Multimedia Conference
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Williams, D., Kegel, I., Ursu, M., César Garcia, P. S., Geelhoed, E., Frantzis, M., … Jansen, J. (2015). A Distributed Theatre with Shakespeare. In Proceedings of ACM International Multimedia Conference 2015 (ACM Multimedia 0) (pp. 281–290). ACM. doi:10.1145/2733373.2806272