This special issue touches on many significant aspects of multimedia retrieval, including content analysis and understanding, content- and context-based indexing, search and retrieval, HCI technologies, and image and video summarization and visualization. It converges on the nexus of social multimedia and storytelling around real-world experiences, events, and places. Aside from the challenging research problems in this emerging area, its topics are linked to a host of important commercial and creative applications in sectors such as media, entertainment, arts and culture, sports, and music.
I.E.E.E. Computer Society Press
IEEE MultiMedia
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Papadopoulos, S., César Garcia, P. S., Shamma, A., Kelliher, A., & Jain, R. (2015). Social Multimedia and Storytelling. IEEE MultiMedia, 22(3), 10–13. doi:10.1109/MMUL.2015.68