We investigate how to model indifference with choice functions. We take the coherence axioms for choice functions proposed by Seidenfeld, Schervisch and Kadane as a source of inspiration, but modify them to strengthen the connection with desirability. We discuss the properties of choice functions that are coherent under our modified set of axioms and the connection with desirability. Once this is in place, we present an axiomatisation of indifference in terms of desirability. On this we build our characterisation of indifference in terms of choice functions.

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T. Augustin , S. Doria , E. Miranda , E. Quaeghebeur (Erik)
Safe Statistics
International Symposium on Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications
Algorithms and Complexity

Van Camp, A., de Cooman, G., Miranda, E., & Quaeghebeur, E. (2015). Modelling indifference with choice functions
. In T. Augustin, S. Doria, E. Miranda, & E. Quaeghebeur (Eds.), .