In this paper we present the tool GeoTriples that allows the transformation of Earth Observation data and geospatial data into RDF graphs, by using and extending the R2RML mapping language to be able to deal with the specificities of geospatial data. GeoTriples is a semi-automated tool that transforms geospatial information into RDF following the state of the art vocabularies like GeoSPARQL and stSPARQL, but at the same time it is not tightly coupled to a specific vocabulary.
Linked Open Earth Observation Data for Precision Farming
International Semantic Web Conference
Database Architectures

Kyzirakos, K., Vlachopoulos, I., Savva, D., Manegold, S., & Koubarakis, M. (2014). GeoTriples: a Tool for Publishing Geospatial Data as RDF Graphs Using R2RML Mappings. In International Semantic Web Conference (Posters & Demos).