Digital 3D city models play a crucial role in research of urban phenomena; they form the basis for flow simulations, urban planning, and analysis of underground formations. Urban scenes consist of large collections of semantically rich objects which have a large number of properties such as material and colour. Modelling and storing these properties indicating the relationships between them is best handled in a relational databases. Our goal is to have a spatial DBMS which iteratively loads data from different sources and converts it into a common format to enable 3D operations and analyses, such as 3D intersections, and semantic properties management.
eScience Symposium
Database Architectures

Pereira Goncalves, R. A., Ivanova, M., Kersten, M., Scholten, H., Zlatanova, S., Alvanaki, F., … Dias, E. (2014). Big Data analytics in the Geo-Spatial Domain. In Proceedings of 2nd eScience Symposium 2014 (0).