We motivate and describe techniques that allow to detect an ``emergent'' relational schema from RDF data. We show that on a wide variety of datasets, the found structure explains well over 90% of the RDF triples. Further, we also describe technical solutions to the semantic challenge to give short names that humans find logical to these emergent tables, columns and relationships between tables. Our techniques can be exploited in many ways, e.g., to improve the efficiency of SPARQL systems, or to use existing SQL-based applications on top of any RDF dataset using a RDBMS.
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International World Wide Web Conference
Database Architectures

Pham, M.-D, Linnea, P, Erling, O, & Boncz, P.A. (2015). Deriving an Emergent Relational Schema from RDF Data. In Proceedings of International World Wide Web Conference 2015 (WWW 0). doi:10.1145/2736277.2741121