The popularity, availability and sizes of point cloud data sets are increasing, thus raising interesting data management and processing challenges. Various software solutions are available for the management of point cloud data. A benchmark for point cloud data management systems was defined and it was executed for several solutions. In this paper we focus on the solutions based on the column-store MonetDB, the generic out-of-the-box approach is compared with two alternative approaches that exploit the spatial coherence of the data to improve the data access and to minimize the storage requirements
Database Architectures

Martinez-Rubi, O., van Oosterom, P., Pereira Goncalves, R. A., Tijssen, T., Ivanova, M., Kersten, M., & Alvanaki, F. (2014). Benchmarking and improving point cloud data
management in MonetDB. ACM SIGSPATIAL, 6(2), 11–18.