In X-ray tomography, a number of radiographs (projections) are recorded from which a tomogram is then reconstructed. Conventionally, these projections are acquired equiangularly, resulting in an unbiased sampling of the Radon space. However, especially in case when only a limited number of projections can be acquired, the selection of the angles has a large impact on the quality of the reconstructed image. In this paper, a dynamic algorithm is proposed, in which new projection angles are selected by maximizing the information gain about the object, given the set of possible new angles. Experiments show that this approach can select projection angles for which the accuracy of the reconstructed image is significantly higher compared to the standard angle selections schemes
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Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B
Scientific Computing

Dabravolski, A., Batenburg, J., & Sijbers, J. (2014). Dynamic angle selection in X-ray computed tomography. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B, 324, 17–24. doi:10.1016/j.nimb.2013.08.077