Distribution network operators require more advanced planning tools to deal with the challenges of future network planning. An appropriate planning and optimization tool can identify which option for network extension should be selected from available alternatives. However, many optimization approaches described in the literature are quite theoretical and do not yield results that are practically relevant and feasible. In this paper, a distribution network planning approach is proposed which meets requirements originating from network planning practice to guarantee realistic outcomes. This approach uses a state-of-the-art evolutionary algorithm: Gene-pool Optimal Mixing Evolutionary Algorithm. The performance of this algorithm, as well as the proposed model, is demonstrated using a real-world case study.
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Computational Capacity Planning in Electricity Networks
Power Systems Computation Conference
Intelligent and autonomous systems

Grond, M. O. W., Luong, H., Morren, J., Bosman, P., Slootweg, H., & La Poutré, H. (2014). Practice-Oriented Optimization of Distribution Network Planning Using Metaheuristic Algorithms. In Proceedings of Power Systems Computation Conference 2014 (PSCC'14). IEEE.