It is our great pleasure to introduce the 2014 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video -- ACM TVX 2014. ACM TVX is a leading annual conference that brings together international researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines. We provide a common discussion space about the future of online video and TV experiences. Particular topics of interest include technology and systems; interaction design; media studies; data science; business models human-centric and experience-focused research. We are very pleased with the final program, since it provides a broad overview of the current challenges for online video and television research. The program covers a diversity of topics ranging from content production to consumption and in particular, papers discuss relevant research about how to support interactive experiences and evaluate them in real environments. They explore as well novel interaction mechanisms and multi-screen solutions, and provide insights on large-scale analysis of user feedback. This year the conference attracted 80 paper submissions. A total of 29 Associated Chairs (AC) and 205 reviewers served on the technical program committee representing internationally renowned scientists from academia and industry. Each paper received at least three peer reviews of high quality, as well as an additional meta-review by the assigned AC. All ACs joined the discussions at the program committee meeting. This provided the opportunity for the papers and reviews to be discussed in detail and all final decisions to be agreed. The outcome of this process was that 20 of the 80 submissions were accepted (25%) for inclusion in the final program. All the accepted papers were presented in Newcastle upon Tyne in June 2014. In our commitment to continuously improve the quality of program, 4 papers have been given special recognition for their excellence and have been nominated for consideration as a Best Paper. The winner of Best Paper Award will be revealed at the conference in June. This year we have put serious effort into inclusion at the event, spearheading two primary initiatives. Firstly, we have introduced an open application process for becoming ACs, in which 10 members were appointed as a result. Secondly, during the ACM TVX submission process, we provided the opportunity to bring the experience of established researchers to new researchers through mentorship. Four authors participated in this process, resulting in two accepted papers.
P. Olivier (Patrick) , P. Wright , T. Bartindale , M. Obrist (Marianna) , P.S. César Garcia (Pablo Santiago) , S. Basapur
ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Olivier, P., Wright, P., Bartindale, T., Obrist, M., César Garcia, P. S., & Basapur, S. (Eds.). (2014). Proceedings of the 2014 ACM international conference on Interactive experiences for TV and online video. In P. Olivier, P. Wright, T. Bartindale, M. Obrist, P. S. César Garcia, & S. Basapur (Eds.), Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video 2014 (ACM TVX 0). ACM.