This article introduces the Vconect project. Vconect (Video Communications for Networked Communities) is a collaborative European research and development project dealing with high-quality enriched video as a medium for mass communication within social communities. The technical capabilities where Vconect innovates concern: high quality a/v capture, dynamic a/v composition, network resources optimization and communication orchestration. The project is driven by two main use cases. The first focuses on the integration of live video communication with social networking services. The second focuses on distributed performances, their automatic representation to remote spectators and the support for social interaction around such performances.
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IEEE Computer Society STCSN E-Letter
Video Communications for Networked Communities
Distributed and Interactive Systems

Ursu, M., Stollenmayer, P., Williams, D., Torres, P., César Garcia, P. S., Farber, N., & Geelhoed, E. (2014). Smart Video Communication for Social Groups - The Vconect Project. IEEE Computer Society STCSN E-Letter, 2(2).