In this report we present out initial work on making the MonetDB column-store analytical database ready for Cloud deployment. As we stand in the new space between research and industry we have tried to combine approaches from both worlds. We provide details how we utilize modern technologies and tools for automating building of virtual machine image for Cloud, datacentre and desktop use. We also explain our solution to asynchronous transaction replication MonetDB. The report concludes with how this all ties together with our efforts to make MonetDB ready for the age where high-performance data analytics is available in a single-click.

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K. Georgieva , Z. Kazlacheva , M Pehlivanova
International Conference on Technics, Technologies and Education
Database Architectures

Nedev, D., Nes, N., Mühleisen, H., Zhang, Y., & Kersten, M. (2014). Single-click to data insights: transaction replication and deployment automation made simple for the cloud age. In K. Georgieva, Z. Kazlacheva, & M. Pehlivanova (Eds.), Proceedings of ICTTE 2014 (pp. 317–326).