The EU-driven integration of European energy systems and the development of a Smart Energy System involves many key players. The success of a European Smart Energy Systems relies heavily on the development of well-designed ICT solutions in all related sectors. Because such ICT solutions should be well aligned, ICT innovation goals are needed that have the support of key European players and consortia. To this end, Round Tables have been organised by EIT ICT Labs from 2013 onwards, in which key players in the European energy sector establish a common vision on and align forces in the development of a European Smart Energy System. We reflect and build upon these discussions to formulate a joint input to the European goals on ICT and Smart Energy Systems, and for the innovation activities of EIT ICT Labs.

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F.N. Claessen (Felix) , J.A. La Poutré (Han)
EIT - ICT Labs
Intelligent and autonomous systems

Claessen, F., & La Poutré, H. (Eds.). (2014). Towards a European Smart Energy System - ICT innovation goals and considerations. (F. Claessen & H. La Poutré, Eds.). EIT ICT Labs IVZW.