We present an approach that leverages on the knowledge present on the Web for identifying and enriching relevant items inside a News video and displaying them in a timely and user friendly fashion. This second screen prototype (i) collects and offers information about persons, locations, organizations and concepts occurring in the newscast, and (ii) combines them for enriching the underlying story along five main dimensions: expert’s opinions, timeline, in depth, in other sources, and geo-localized comments from other viewers. Starting from preliminary insights coming from the named entities spotted on the subtitles, we expand this initial context to a broader event representation by relying in the knowledge of other Web documents talking about the same fact. An online demo of the proposed solution is available at http://linkedtv. project.cwi.nl/news/
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Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Television Linked To The Web
European Semantic Web Conference
Human-Centered Data Analytics

Redondo Garcia, J. L., Hildebrand, M., Pérez Romero, L., & Troncy, R. (2014). Augmenting TV Newscasts via Entity Expansion. In The Semantic Web: ESWC 2014 Satellite Events (pp. 472–476). Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-11955-7_69