Increasingly, people are consuming television content on devices connected to the Internet that allow them to look up related information. In parallel, Europe is publishing growing amounts of Linked Open Data, including rich metadata about its cultural heritage. The goal of the LinkedTV project is to seamlessly interlink TV and Web content to enrich the user’s experience of both. Linked Data and semantic technologies enable broadcasters to achieve added value for their content at low cost through the re-use of existing metadata. We present two user studies related to different user scenarios: Interactive News and Hyperlinked Documentary). These studies reveal the different user requirements and information needs for these different scenarios, and resulted in the development of two types of interfaces.
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Television Linked To The Web
Workshop on Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage
Human-Centered Data Analytics

Pérez Romero, L., Baltussen, L., van Leeuwen, P., Hildebrand, M., & Hardman, L. (2014). Interaction Design and User Needs for TV Broadcasts Enriched with Linked Open Data. In Proceedings of Workshop on Personalized Access to Cultural Heritage 2014 (PATCH). PATCH.