We consider the multigrid solution of the generalized Stokes equations with a segre- gated (i.e., equationwise) Gauss–Seidel smoother based on a Uzawa-type iteration. We analyze the smoother in the framework of local Fourier analysis, and obtain an analytic bound on the smoothing factor showing uniform performance for a family of Stokes problems. These results are confirmed by the numerical computation of the two-grid convergence factor for different types of grids and dis- cretizations. Numerical results also show that the actual convergence of the W-cycle is approximately the same as that obtained by a Vanka smoother, despite this latter smoother being significantly more costly per iteration step.
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MSC Multigrid methods; domain decomposition (msc 65N55), Multigrid methods; domain decomposition (msc 65N55)
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Publisher S.I.A.M.
Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1137/130920630
Journal SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing
Gaspar, F.J, Notay, Y, Oosterlee, C.W, & Rodrigo, C. (2014). A simple and efficient segregated smoother for the discrete Stokes equations. SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, 36(3), A1187–A1206. doi:10.1137/130920630