In the last few years, thanks to projects like TELEIOS, the linked open data cloud has been rapidly populated with geospatial data some of it describing Earth Observation products (e.g., CORINE Land Cover, Urban Atlas). The abundance of this data can prove very useful to the new missions (e.g., Sentinels) as a means to increase the usability of the millions of images and EO products that are expected to be produced by these missions. In this paper, we explain the relevant opportunities by demonstrating how the process of knowledge discovery from TerraSAR-X images can be improved using linked open data and Sextant, a tool for browsing and exploration of linked geospatial data, as well as the creation of thematic maps.
Publications Office of the European Union
P. Soille , M. Iapaolo , P.G. Marchetti , M. Datcu (Mihai) , L. Colaiacomo
Data Management, Integration and Knowledge Discovery,for Earth Observation Applications
Image Information Mining Conference: The Sentinels Era
Database Architectures

Nikolaou, C., Kyzirakos, K., Bereta, K., Dogani, K., Giannakopoulou, S., Smeros, P., … Datcu, M. (2014). Improving knowledge discovery from synthetic aperture radar images using the linked open data cloud and Sextant. In P. Soille, M. Iapaolo, P. G. Marchetti, M. Datcu, & L. Colaiacomo (Eds.), Proceedings of ESA-EUSC-JRC 9th Conference on Image Information Mining. Publications Office of the European Union.