The Waisda? video labeling game is a crowsourcing tool to collect user-generated metadata for video clips. It follows the paradigm of games-with-a-purpose, where two or more users play against each other by entering tags that describe the content of the video. Players score points by entering the same tags as one of the other players. As a result each video that is played in the game is annotated with tags that are anchored to a time point in the video. Waisda? has been deployed in two projects with videos from Dutch broadcasters. With the open source version of Waisda? crowdsourcing of video annotation becomes available for any online video collection.

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Publisher ACM
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Project COMMIT: Socially Enriched Acces to Linked Cultural Media (P06)
Conference ACM International Multimedia Conference
Hildebrand, M, Brinkerink, M, Gligorov, R, van Steenbergen, M, Huijkman, J, & Oomen, J. (2013). Waisda?: video labeling game . In Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2013 (pp. 823–826). ACM.