Satisfiability in propositional logic is well researched and many approaches to checking and solving exist. In infinite-valued or fuzzy logics, however, there have only recently been attempts at developing methods for solving satisfiability. In this paper, we analyse the function landscape of different problem classes, focussing our analysis on plateaus. Based on this study, we develop Mixing CMA-ES (M-CMA-ES), an extension to CMA-ES that is well suited to solving problems with many large plateaus. We empirically show the relation between certain function landscape properties and M-CMA-ES performance.
TU Delft
K.V. Hindriks , M.M. de Weerdt (Mathijs) , B. Riemsdijk , M.E. Warnier (Martijn)
Benelux Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Intelligent and autonomous systems

Brys, T., Drugan, M. M., Bosman, P., de Cock, M., & Nowé, A. (2013). Solving Satisfiability in Fuzzy Logics by Mixing CMA-ES. In K. V. Hindriks, M. de Weerdt, B. Riemsdijk, & M. Warnier (Eds.), Proceedings of BeNeLux Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2013 (pp. 301–302). TU Delft.