The community of agent researchers and engineers has produced a number of interesting and mature results. However, agent technology is still not widely adopted by industrial software developers or software companies - possibly because existing frameworks are infused with academic premises that rarely apply to industrial settings. In this paper, we analyse the requirements of current industry-driven software projects and show how we are able to cope with these requirements in the Java Intelligent Agent Componentware agent framework, JIAC V. We argue that the lack of industry-grade requirements and features in other agent frameworks is one of the reasons for the slow acceptance of agent technology in the software industry. The JIAC V framework tries to bridge that gap - not as a final solution, but as a stepping stone towards industrial acceptance.
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M. Cossentino , A. Seghrouchni , M. Winikoff
Engineering Multi-Agent Systems
Intelligent and autonomous systems

Lützenberger, M., Küster, T., Konnerth, T., Thiele, A., Masuch, N., Heßler, A., … Albayrak, S. (2013). A multi-agent approach to professional software engineering. In M. Cossentino, A. Seghrouchni, & M. Winikoff (Eds.), .