This paper gives an informal introduction to structure theory for minor- closed classes of matroids representable over a fixed finite field. The early sections describe some historical results that give evidence that well-defined structure exists for members of such classes. In later sections we describe the fundamental classes and other features that necessarily appear in structure theory for minor-closed classes of matroids. We conclude with an informal statement of the structure theorem itself. This theorem generalises the Graph Minors Structure Theorem of Robertson and Seymour.
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Keywords Matroids
MSC Matroids, geometric lattices (msc 05B35)
THEME Other (theme 6)
Publisher Cambridge University Press
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Series London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series
Geelen, J, Gerards, A.M.H, & Whittle, G. (2013). Structure in minor-closed-classes of matroids. In Surveys in Combinatorics (pp. 327–362). Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/CBO9781139506748.009