The classic approach to grammar manipulation is based on instant processing of grammar edits, which limits the kinds of grammar evolution scenarios that can be expressed with it. Treating transformation preconditions as guards poses limitations on concurrent changes of the same grammar, on reuse of evolution scripts, on expressing optionally executed steps, on batch processing and optimization of them, etc. We propose an alternative paradigm of evolution, where a transformation can be scheduled for later execution based on its precondition. This kind of extreme evolution can be useful for expressing scenarios that are impossible to fully automate within the classic or the negotiated transformation paradigms.
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Keywords grammarware
ACM Grammars and Other Rewriting Systems (acm F.4.2), Formal Languages (acm F.4.3)
MSC Grammars and rewriting systems (msc 68Q42)
THEME Software (theme 1)
Editor J. de Lara , D. Di Ruscio (Davide) , A. Pierantonio (Alfonso)
Project GrammarLab: Foundations of a Grammar Laboratory
Conference Extreme Modeling Workshop
Grant This work was funded by the The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO); grant id nwo/612.001.007 - GrammarLab: Foundations of a Grammar Laboratory
Zaytsev, V. (2013). Pending Evolution of Grammars. In J de Lara, D Di Ruscio, & A Pierantonio (Eds.), Proceedings of Extreme Modeling Workshop 2013 (XM 0) (pp. 28–36).