Image reconstruction from a small number of projections is a challenging problem in tomography. Advanced algorithms that incorporate prior knowledge can sometimes produce accurate reconstructions, but they typically require long computation times. Furthermore, the required prior knowledge can be very specific, limiting the type of images that can be reconstructed. Here, we present a reconstruction method that automatically learns prior knowledge using an artificial neural network. We show that this method can be viewed as a combination of filtered backprojection steps, and, therefore, has a relatively low computational cost. Results for two different cases show that the new method is able to use the learned information to produce high quality reconstructions in a short time, even when presented with a small number of projections.
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IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Scientific Computing

Pelt, D., & Batenburg, J. (2013). Fast Tomographic Reconstruction From Limited Data Using Artificial Neural Networks. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 22(12), 5238–5251. doi:10.1109/TIP.2013.2283142